Information Access and Referrals

VCDK Provide effective educational services to students is the result of a process of identification, intervention, referral, evaluation, instructional planning, and placement.  Here are some key steps to the process:

Response to Intervention (RTI): 

VCDK has a RTI process, which is managed the community rehabilitation assistance to support the success of our clients. One of the main purposes of RTI is to identify, implement, and monitor interventions in the community

1 Possible need of a client is noticed

2 The client is referred to the rehabilitation department which makes recommendation for intervention as the government policy requires 

3 The rehabilitation department suspects a disability and makes a referral for assessment and evaluation in the health facility.    

4 Evaluation will be completed within 14 days when a confirmed report will reach vcdk                                  

5 The client will be introduced to basic rehabilitation for a period of three month.