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Some points on the preamble

  • Issue on typical vocational rehabilitation.
  • Importance of traditional skills.
  • Decent and fair employment / work on Importance of commercial market analysis.
  • Focus on service sector.

Elements and their contents

Skills training

  • Vocational – formal and informal/traditional
  • Skills transfer from home to work o Life and work skills and orientation
  • Vocational guidance
  • Mainstream skills training

Access to capital

  • Savings inc. group savings
  • Guarantors and collateral
  • Knowledge of resources and sources of capital
  • Linkage and possible merging with other mainstream groups

Income generating activities

  • companies
  • Protected [sheltered] schemes
  • Focus on service sector
  • On-going guidance and support

Open Employment

  • Active lobbying
  • Legal obligations on employers inc. affirmative action and quotas
  • Diversity awareness within communities
  • Equality of treatment at work for people with disabilities
  • ‘Reasonable adjustments’ by an employer e.g. adaptations to working environment, ways of working
  • Supported employment [inc. job coaching, mentoring etc.]
  • Social capital and enterprise

Economic contribution and social protection

For those working:

  • As resource persons e.g. peer support and counselling.
  • At skills training and as role models.
  • At employment creation – services and goods to the community.
  • At contributing to the household.
  • At consumer role – services and goods.
  • At Economic empowerment.

For those who cannot get employment nor have a decent income:

  • Social security.
  • Mutual assistance in community.
  • Micro insurance schemes i.e. pensions, health and funeral expenses.
  • Support from family or official career guidance
  • Table – banking, savings.