Community-based rehabilitation CBR

Rehabilitation care can help you get back, keep or improve abilities that you need for daily life. These abilities may be physical, mental and cognitive (thinking and learning), this may occur due to a disease or injury or as a side effect of medical treatment.

  1. Identification; Person with disabilities
  2. Assessment; check to extent of the injury and the cause either is it an accident, disease or congenital. We also asses based on Age, Marital status, skill or non-skilled, Level of Education, and whether the person was employed or not. Through asses, we offer counselling and psycho-social support.
  3. Recommendation for a rehab

After the assessment, the clients are recommended for rehabilitation if the case is essential. Where they are introduced to;

  1. Orientation in mobility  (O$M)
  2. Activities of daily living (ADL)
  3. Independent living skills (ILS)
  4. Bellaire (VIP)

After the official basic rehabilitation, the schooling-going children are sent to the special learning institution. The non-skilled ones remain to gain skills in the special course offered in the institution like knitting, woodwork, leather, computer and massage the skilled ones return to their places of work.