General Education Introduction

A dedicated section on education for the blind, including Braille, assistive technology, and vocational training.


The process of facilitating learning or acquisition of knowledge, skill, values and habits

As VCDK we assist in;

  1. Make referrals to the special school
  2. We provide specials tool, equipment and learning material
  3. Offer sponsorship for fees to the needed cases


Education Programs:

  • Inclusive Education: An explanation of inclusive education and its importance in providing equal opportunities for disabled individuals.
  • Types of Disabilities: Information on various disabilities, including blindness, autism, and other special needs, with links to specific sections for each disability.
  • Specialized Education: Details on specialized education programs tailored to the needs of different disability types.
  • Curriculum: Overview of the curriculum and teaching methods used at VCDK, emphasizing adaptability.

Disabled Education:

  • Blind Education: A dedicated section on education for the blind, including Braille, assistive technology, and vocational training.
  • Autism Education: Information on education strategies and programs for autistic individuals, focusing on sensory-friendly learning environments.
  • Mobility Training: Explanation of mobility training and orientation and mobility (O&M) techniques for the visually impaired.

Parent and Guardian Resources:

  • Guidance for Families: Advice and resources for parents and guardians of disabled children, including support groups and counseling services.
  • Financial Assistance: Information on scholarships, grants, and financial aid opportunities for families with disabled children.
  • Testimonials: Real-life success stories and testimonials from parents, guardians, and students who have benefited from VCDK’s programs.

Accessibility Services:

  • Assistive Technology: An overview of assistive technologies, including screen readers, braille displays, and communication devices.
  • Accessible Facilities: Information about VCDK’s facilities designed to accommodate disabled individuals, including ramps, tactile paving, and accessible classrooms.
  • Transportation Services: Details on transportation services provided to ensure students can attend school safely.

News and Events:

  • News Updates: Regularly updated news articles and blog posts about VCDK’s achievements, events, and partnerships.
  • Events Calendar: A calendar displaying upcoming events, workshops, and community outreach programs.